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El Barrio Gótico de Barcelona. Lo que no te puedes perder

Situado en el corazón de Barcelona y con una historia que se remonta a la época romana es, sin duda, uno de los mayores atractivos de la ciudad. Aunque tiene una población de poco más de 15.000 habitantes -frente al millón seiscientos mil de toda la urbe- la gran multiculturalidad de este peculiar barrio es […]

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Discover the best pastry shops and bakeries in Barcelona with Oh my guide!

If you can’t resist the charm of sweets, don’t miss these tips that overflow with tradition and are still in vogue. The perfect plan to discover the sweetest Barcelona. Photographs: Aida Gómez. Text: Cristina Belenguer Did you know that … – there is still a traditional 1870 creamery in Barcelona? Yes! There is and it […]

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The great success of tours about crimes, legends, stories and mysteries in Barcelona

No doubt. The human being is curious and attracted to news related to events, especially crimes. We experience it daily with the media. News about tragic events attract us, whether we admit it or not. If, in addition to this evidence, we add the fact of proximity -the city in which we live or the […]

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La Sagrada Familia: Gaudí’s dream

Did you know its origins date back to 1882? On March 19, 1882, the first stone of La Sagrada Familia was laid. The chosen day wasthe celebration of the feast of Saint Joseph the greatest inspiration was Josep Maria Bocabella, founder of the Association of the Devotees of Saint Joseph. During its first year, the […]

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